Havana Heat by Anastasia Amor

Havana Heat: Sommerville Suspense #1

Anise is plagued by past life visions in her Cuban journey. A sexy spirit man disrupts her photography project urging her to return to a past life in revolutionary Bolivia. Anise’s heart is torn between Dr Reese Lyon and the spirit man. Angels guide Anise but mysterious manipulations force Reese into a fantasy world of “no return”. The magic of a jealous Santeria priestess threatens to destroy them all. Anise has to make a choice. Will she risk death to be with her lover forever?

“Twists and turns in this tropical romance make it a paranormal reading adventure that will keep you on your toes until the last word!” - Barbara Huffert,  author of “Linked”

Bourbon Street Burn by Anastasia Amor

Bourbon Street Burn: Sommerville Suspense #2

Restaurateur Anabelle Sommerville’s nightmares lead her to haunted New Orleans to solve the mystery of her past life as sultry Belle Duville. A dashing pirate, Alain Ducoeur, is crazy about her but he’s a ghost whereas photographer Markus Cadeaux is sexy and alive. Voodoo priests, spirits and a vampire! Everyone has a secret. Clues lead to a rundown plantation. Someone wants her dead. With her sidekicks losing their kick, are Anabelle’s karate skills enough to take out the gun-toting goons gunning for her?

5 Stars!  "…A great read with excitement, intrigue, action and lust galore." - Readers Favorite, Melinda Hill

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