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An Adie Sturm Mystery is a tequila shot of suspense topped by a smidgen of salty humor. Now in series 2 Amor has the Sommerville women time travel  in sensual suspense. This time let the mystery and humor take you to haunted places.


“Amor is a Canadian writer with a great sense of humor, that allows you to meld into the storyline with no problem at all and feel the character's emotions almost first hand.

There are few authors out there that go into great detail and spend plenty of hours researching and doing their homework. Anastasia Amor is one of those.

She has travelled to Mexico, Cuba, and Spain to get her facts correct. Her writing is entertaining but factual. So I guess that is as deep as you can get."

Dave Maynard (Ohio, USA)


“Amor has indeed travelled to Mexico many times over the past decade, and on each trip has stockpiled information about local history, customs and mythology to be revisited in her works of fiction

…The martial arts scenes are based on Amor’s real live training.”

- Colin Hunter (The Record)


"The Adie Sturm Mysteries have been a delightful read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the sprinkling of Spanish expressions and the descriptions of Cozumel (Mexico) brought back fond memories of my trip there many years ago."- L. M. (Guelph, Ontario)


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From the cold of Canada to sizzling Cozumel, fearless Adie Sturm mingles with murder and men like chocolate. Quirky humor will tickle your funny bone.