SAVANNAH STEAM: Sommerville Suspense #3

GHOSTS await Ari in steamy Savannah.

Evil entities put her in suspenseful danger. While time-traveling she meets two men. Will she find love or will she die?

Ari rushes off to meet her DNA cousin in Savannah. It is the perfect location as her interest is in the paranormal—ghosts. Little did she know that her appearance would set off a wave of reactions or that she is a powerful witch, a fact hidden from her. Her journey is from the present to the nineteenth century, encountering two sizzling men with mysterious pasts. The suspense builds as she becomes a target for thugs. Will she get a grasp on her magic skills and find her soulmate or will her enemies destroy her?

This is the third stand alone book in the suspenseful romantic paranormal series entitled Sommerville Suspense.

REVIEW: De Klerk

From bizarre and downright frightening episodes with spirits where she was almost violated to following a weird feeling that led to an astonishing discovery of her past and current lives, there were absolutely no boring or slow parts to this book. The author definitely has a way with words and descriptions. Just to give you an idea of how this author describes things, this is from her book: "I wished I could feel his peace, not the conflict gnawing like a rat trapped inside my abdomen wanting to escape."
I loved everything about this book, I enjoyed the author's descriptions and character development the most in this book. The themes were mixes of fantasy, horror, and the supernatural. They were superbly blended together, and the author kept the suspense and intrigue building.


I always like a suspense thriller and this book offers an engaging blend of suspense and atmosphere that keeps readers hooked.


The book's exploration of Arianna's journey into the supernatural world of Savannah seems both intriguing and intense.

Havana Heat and Bourbon Street Burn are

books #1 and #2. Each book has a unique setting where the author has researched paranormal activities and used this information to write a fiction book.