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Oktoberfest Woman of the Year Nominee 2011, Epic Award Finalist 2010, 5-Time EBook Nominee and Global EBook Nominee 2014.

ANASTASIA AMOR, a university psychology and education graduate believes in balance. A proud mother of two, pet-mom and teacher, Amor speaks German and is learning Spanish. Art and writing are her passions but she loves to dance and is a known chocoholic. Her research of Mayan ruins and Cozumel cultural experiences inspired the popular Adie Sturm Mystery Series. As a martial artist, she puts realism into Adie Sturm’s fight scenarios. For research in Dead Delicious, she learned to scuba dive. Her Canadian heroines are intelligent and fearless as well as sensual. Amor writes fantasy-paranormal, mystery and erotic romance. She is an eight-time nominated author.

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Adie Strum Mystery Series by Anastasia Amor

Adie Sturm Mystery Series

Six books and more coming.
Print and e-format.

Cover Art by Anastasia Amor

Cover Art

If you like stand-out  design and need a graphic artist for your book - Anastasia will make it happen.  $100 + copyright free pictures for a basic cover design in jpg format. More for number of layers and time taken.  Payments processed by Pay Pal.  Line editing service is also provided at $1.00 a page by an excellent editor - the best one I’ve had!
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Interviews with Anastasia Amor


Anastasia Amor has been interviewed by THE RECORD, THE WATERLOO CHRONICLE, COZUMEL INSIDER, J. L. WALTERS, NIGHT OWL ROMANCE, AND LATE NIGHTS WITH CISCO (Radio). She was also a guest on “What’s Your Point” CTV with host Brent Hanson. If you would like an interview contact her at: Anastasia.Amor@Hotmail.com

“Amor has indeed travelled to Mexico many times over the past decade, and on each trip has stockpiled information about local history, customs and mythology to be revisited in her works of fiction…The martial arts scenes in which Adie Sturm thwarts attackers by karate-chopping vulnerable pressure points, are based on Amor’s real live training…Like the characters she has created, Anastasia Amor is woman with an appetite for adventure, a taste for travel and an eye for a well-put-together beau. ‘A lot of characters are based on myself or parts of myself,’ she says, ‘Adie is fearless, intelligent and resourceful…but she is also flawed and imperfect.” - Colin Hunter THE RECORD

Interview by J. L. Walters: April 14, 2011

Today’s interview is with Anastasia Amor. Quite a romantic name. She’s another author I met at EPICon and enjoyed time chatting with her there. We share an interest in Astrology. I enjoyed learning this since often my characters are developed by using Astrology and The Warrior of Bast has some of its roots in that subject.

Interview with Lance Wright/ Omni Mystery News: Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anastasia's latest mystery to feature tour agent Adie Sturm is Dead Delicious (Brodt Publishing; May 2013 trade paperback and ebook formats). We recently had the chance to catch up with Anastasia and talk about her books.