This is the first of the NEW Sommerville Suspense Series set in modern-day Cuba. A revolutionary past life, Santeria Magic and far-out fantasy combine with a romance that will curl your toes.

Absinthe induces a dangerous fantasy.

Fantasy and Cuba stir up fire.

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5 Stars! “Havana Heat is a sensory experience. It’s a sultry pleasure trip that rouses all the senses and won’t let go. I think that the best attribute of this novel is its ability to surprise and engage. Every chapter, every scene, thrusts you in a different world, a varied experience that transports you utterly into magical realms and otherworldly adventures. The story has many threads woven into the plot but they are seamlessly pulled into the finish line and tied together. The paranormal aspect is highly original and captivating. Havana Heat makes you breathless. It will take you to Cuba with a one-way ticket and refuse to let you leave. I wanted to be there with Reese and Anise, Francisco and Sylvie. Your heartstrings will be pulled quite ruthlessly and in some poignant parts, you won’t be able to stop a tear or two from falling. Fast paced and drop dead sexy, Amor’s writing style hits all the right spots for me. You’re going to love this, and trust me, the romance on these pages is something you won’t soon forget.” - Natalie G. Owens, author of “An Eternity of Roses”

“Anastasia has offered me a very different read… I’m still working through my thoughts on this heat-filled romance. Nothing to make it erotica but enough to make me blush if my mom was reading this as well.

… there’s always a story for each player and then their story together. In HAVANA HEAT add possibly three more stories… I preferred the two traveling stories … two very different genres. A reality of freedom fighting and love mixed with death and a colourful fantasy world with undersea animals and fairy creatures…
Given my familiarity with Anastasia work, HAVANA HEAT is her voice…and her love of chocolate. Her fans will enjoy the travels presented within.

New fans will need cooling off from the heat.” -

When Anise Sommerville stepped away from her regular life and travelled to Cuba, she was hoping for some relaxing time, hopefully uncovering some information about her ancestry and capturing the story of the country with her Nikon camera. However, her stay did not go as planned. Meanwhile, Dr Reese Lyon was also another foreigner in Cuba; there to provide some much needed medical services. When the two accidentally bumped into each other, they sparked off a series of mystifying events that would cross time periods and realms and leave their lives forever changed. While the two had a very immediate and very intense connection, there was a lot standing between them – including forces from beyond. While Anise is beckoned by a gorgeous man to travel back in time to 1967 Bolivia, Reese is summoned by a relentless seductress to a land of beauty and pleasure; and this is just the beginning of this thrill-filled adventure. Can they overcome the hurdles to be together or will they give in to the temptation of the callings from beyond?

Havana Heat by Anastasia Amor is a one of a kind tale that will immediately draw you in with its enchanting allure. There is quite a lot going on in the story, but Anastasia Amor seamlessly blends it all into one thrilling tale and keeps it feeling authentic. Anastasia perfectly captures the essence of Cuba and it is evident that she has a deep understanding of the region she chose as the background to this amazing tale. Through her words, you can perfectly picture the setting and feel the genuine spirit of Cuba. Once you pick this book up, you will not put it down until you have read the very last word. It is original and very well delivered. - Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

“Havana Heat stirs up a tropical romance with a sprinkle of magic and mystery poured over a steaming hot mix of characters and the deliciously handsome Reese Lyon.” - C. Dubue