Cozumel’s Carnaval—parties, sheiks and pirates. A killer behind a mask. Framed for murder, martial artist Adie Sturm is guilty until proven innocent.

When Adie investigates a nudist resort, a romantic get-away proves to be a treacherous set-up. The walls close in. The police want to pin it on Adie. Delicious men like chocolate battle to free her. But someone is lying. A friend could be a murderer and a lover could betray her. It’s a race against time as the killer pushes Adie into a tight trap with no way out.

The Carnaval is the ultimate party but in The Curse of Carnaval by Anastasia Amor it is also a perfect time for murder.

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5 Stars!  “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter… Adie returns once more to Cozumel for a friend’s wedding. Before the first toasts can be made in honor of the happy couple, Adie is being considered as the prime suspect in the brutal murder of one of the other members of the wedding party. Adie is in the worst trouble of her life and, despite her misgivings, she must seek the help of the very powerful and very sexy Diego Alvarez. Nothing would make Diego happier than to claim Adie for his own, but Adie has managed to fall completely for Wolf. Now she must sort out the mysterious murder of a man that nearly everyone hated, keep herself out of a Mexican jail, and wind up with the right man in her life.

I’ve really enjoyed the progress of Adie’s character and her relationships. I can’t wait for the fourth book." - Michelle Stinson Ross, Florida

“Adie’s back and it’s hotter than ever, way hotter. And far more dangerous.”

“I couldn’t wait to open up THE CURSE OF THE CARNAVAL and revisit Adie. Ms. Amor does exactly what a read should do…takes me away from everything. This time my escape is with heat, murder, mystery, and oh no he isn’t.

It’s easy to retell what a book is about, but it can be extremely difficult to tell why you recommend it. This series is a fun getaway. There’s no pretense to being anything other than a good old-fashion romp…both romantic and adventure. I do hope Ms. Amor and her publisher takes this as the positive I mean it to be. For me a book should entertain me. I should be able to hear, smell, feel the environment and hear the characters. Ms. Amor is successful in all these. I’ve not been disappointed and I look forward to more of these energy-charged reads. Oh, and I’ve decided, I want Adie to pick Diego. He might only be interested in Adie because she won’t fall into bed with him, but I think there’s genuineness to him. Wolf, he’s a touch too easy with his dealings with those female barracudas chasing him. Thanks for the escape, Ms. Amor.” - ChrisChat Reviews

4 Stars "Anastasia Amor has a way of writing that keeps you wondering just who is the murderer. This is the third book in the Adie Sturm Mystery series. If you have not read the first two, then I highly recommend finding them also. Her books  are… sensual…an excellent suspense read …” -

“I loved reading your book ‘The Curse of the Carnaval”. You know how to make the characters come to life! Adie Sturm brings out the imagination in all of us … living a life of luxury, danger, romance, and adventure! The reader moves in rhythm with Adie Sturm, sharing her feelings whether that feeling is joy, sadness or just plain whimsical and romantic…after all she is a chocoholic! I love to end my evenings by reading about Adie. What a great way to enter into dreamland. Thank you for bringing Adie Sturm to life. I hope that her adventures continue. If you haven’t picked up one of Anastasia’s books, do so. You won’t be disappointed. There’s all kinds of action, mystery, and romance!” - Carol DuBue, Ottawa, Ontario