SAVANNAH STEAM: Sommerville Suspense #3

Evil ghosts! 

Ari encounters the paranormal, danger and love. It's a suspenseful time travel search for magical power!

Ari rushes off to meet her cousin in steamy Savannah and meets the Paranormal —ghosts.

Suspense builds with danger oft the unknown. Ari time travels and finds she is a powerful witch..

She journeys back a century and encounters two sizzling men with mysterious pasts.

The suspense builds as she becomes a target. Will she get a grasp on her magical skills and find love or will her enemies destroy her first?

This is the third stand alone book in the suspenseful romantic paranormal series entitled Sommerville Suspense. Havana Heat and Bourbon Street Burn are books #1 and #2.

Each book has a unique setting where the author has researched paranormal activities and used this information to write a fiction book.