SEDUCTION…GREED…LIES…Hot sultry Puerto Rico—a place fantasies become reality. It should have been the perfect place for Aleese to explore romance. Afterall, she was with an attractive guy with a great job—perfect husband material. But an accidental meeting with devastatingly handsome Arman makes her forget about everything she values.  Arman is irresistible—like creamy sinful delicious chocolate. Luring him in is easy enough but keeping him is the problem, especially when he finds out she lied about everything that mattered.

Aleese pulls out all the stops to win him back only to find out that deception is a two-way street. Has she made the wrong choice? Can she go on without him?

A tiger is unleashed inside Aleese. A fight for control over her life surges into a burning adventure of love and desire. With each wild unexpected fantasy, Aleese comes closer to finding the man of her dreams.

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5 stars… Irresistible in every way! “Exploring Irresistible is as decadent as fine dark chocolate and tropical drinks. Amor’s vivid descriptions put me right there. What I love best is that I can come back and enjoy this story over and over again. This book is sensuous romance at it’s best.Hot sultry Puerto Rico. When Aleese sees sinfully irresistible Arman–a man like chocolate… the tiger inside her is unleashed! A fight for control over her life surges into a burning adventure of passion and erotic fantasy.” - Michelle Stinson Ross, South Florida

“HOLY NIGHT!  Girl that book rocked…and hot and steamy? Hello! lol…thanks for the great book and well it only took me a day to read it…hehehe couldn’t put it down. Here’s to Exploring Irresistible! Great book girl!” - Tracy Burkhardt, Ukima, Washington, USA