Strong smart Adie Sturm returns to Cozumel for more steamy suspense . Tour agent and martial artist Adie is determined to find the investigator’s killer. Crystal skulls, Swiss bank accounts and hostile take-overs push her down a dangerous path. Sinfully-rich and creamy delicious men like chocolate are rivals for her love. Trouble is…none of them can be trusted.  Action and bizarre situations conflict. The killer leaves no loose ends.  As her life tears apart Adie Sturm is the target of a ruthless killer.

A dive and a nasty death in the depths. My own scuba experience sparked the idea.

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“Another fabulous adventure with the fiery and intrepid Adie Sturm. I had a hard time putting the book down, her predicaments intrigued me the whole way through” - Carol Dubue, Ottawa

“Anastasia and Adie are at it again. Once again I lost myself in Adie’s descriptions of Cozumel, her eclectic group of tourists, her men (oh you’re so not going to believe what happens here) and let’s not forget murder.When Anastasia contacted me with this new offering of her Adie Sturm Mysteries, I couldn’t say no. As you know, I don’t always mix with romances; however, there’s something enticing about Adie and Wolf…Adie and Diego…Adie and… Yes, things are heating up. Maybe cooling off? Let alone the friendship between Adie and Carmelita. Their friendship captures the best of female bonds. These two ladies never judge the other and are always supportive and honest with each other. Something you wouldn’t expect when your brother is lusting after a woman who is also lusting after another man. A wickedly sinful triangle. Now there is one problem with this triangle. I can’t decide who makes the better match for Adie. Both men are beyond belief in looks, success, and plain ole general hotness. But…and there are plenty of cute butts (sorry, couldn’t help myself ;)…there’s always been something hidden with Wolf, for me. It’s not that he’s not honest or doesn’t have real feelings for Adie, but there are times I just don’t see him giving Adie the full attention Diego lavishes on her. Then again, real love isn’t a candle that burns at both ends 24/7. That candle will eventually burn itself out. Diego hides nothing about who he is from Adie. Even his sister acknowledges Adie brings something different out of Diego. Plus there’s no sparring matches with any in-heat ex-wives. Think he could be a one-woman guy? After writing this, I have to admit, I think I’m team Diego…for now.Of course, Anastasia has to go and throw something new into the mix. Something that I’ve expected and was even hoping for…nope, won’t tell you. And then there’s…yeah, not going to share that either, but oyyyy boyyyy…wayyyy oyyyy boyyyy.

As always Anastasia delivers an entertaining read. One that’s perfect for a bitter cold winter’s evening or even a blistering hot summer one. If you think this is just another continuing…him/her or her/him, back and forth we go, again…you’ve thought wrong. This standalone story weaves through its own mystery while tying in past emotions and moving us in new possibilities. What do you have in store for us next, Anastasia?”

5 Stars!  “A fun read! Twists and turns, beautiful heroine, gorgeous scenery, handsome men, action that’s well thought out! Nothing is in here that the author hasn’t, in some way, tried… well, you know except for the murdering :o) Above everything else, the humour here had me laugh out loud, something I rarely do when reading! Thanks Anastasia, keep ’em coming!!!!!!!!!“ - Big Hairy Beast

Reading “Dead Delicious” made me a huge Adie Sturm fan, and now I find myself hankering to read the first books in the series. Adie Sturm is a liberated woman—strong, sexy, and independent—yet, like many women, she longs for real love to sweep her away. She has no shortage of male admirers, of course, but choosing “the one” is a difficult albeit pleasurable endeavor. Her favorite thing to do is visit her second home—Cozumel—where she soaks in the warm sun like a starved child, after months in the cold Canadian climate. I found myself rooting for her and hating the idea of her having to return north, where harsh winters meant hours spent shoveling snow and cozying up in a heated house. Adie’s place, however, is on a warm sandy beach, sipping a cocktail with a hot man massaging her back with fragrant sun cream, and eating delicious seafood and decadent chocolate. Shiraz with a chocolate finish is her perfect wine, and high-heeled strappy sandals in metallic shades are a wardrobe must. Her stays on the Mexican island are never dull for the sandy shores and beautiful hotspots seem to always hide some sort of mystery into which she’s invariably dragged, kicking and screaming. In my opinion, Amor has incredible skill in how she unfolds the element of mystery while keeping the sensual atmosphere alive. Her sexy voice rings loud throughout, making us yearn for our slice of sun, sea, sand, and irresistible male company. I absolutely loved this book! I sympathized with Adie’s dilemma while dealing with three sexy men who all vie for her attentions. God, who wouldn’t love to be in that position? I found it hard to choose myself, although I do have a favorite… . To pick the hottest hero, you must read this book and trust me, it is worth your while. Apart from the main cast, we have the colorful band of tour group members who will have you laughing one minute and tearing your hair out the next. These characters are incredibly well drawn out, and the mystery kept me at the edge of my seat. Adie Sturm is the amateur sleuth you want to have in your corner. I admit that some things, I never saw coming. This is of course the goal of any talented mystery writer, which makes “Dead Delicious” a highly recommended read. It is fun, fast-paced, drop dead sexy, and keeps your pulse racing in more ways than one. Anastasia Amor is truly the queen of steamy mysteries. - Natalie G. Owens, An Eternity of Roses

“…a fun and romantic read” - Portland Review

Adie Sturm may be petite, but she packs a tremendous punch and doesn’t give up when figuring out who has committed a crime. Dead Delicious by Anastasia Amor is a sleuth thriller with plenty of twists, turns and romance packed in between. Adie takes a tour group to Cozumel and finds herself deep in the middle of criminal activity and murder. Apparently next on the hit man’s list, she counts on the help of a relative stranger with a major surprise of his own. Together, they try to find out who has murdered one of her group and a local bartender to protect a major illegal trade syndicate. Not sure what side her lover is on and not daring to trust another man who promises her the world, Adie turns to her dive instructor who seems to have some special connection to the events that are unfolding.

Anastasia Amor has created an exciting story filled with great descriptions of the exotic locale Cozumel and the lifestyle of the area’s rich and famous. Dead Delicious certainly delivers on the intrigue surrounding the unexpected increase in wealth of the key players as well as the sexual tension between Adie and the men who are competing for her affections. There are plenty of surprises and the mystery does not stop until the very last page – if it is even done there! This is a great book for a day on the beach or a night in front of the fire – any time you are ready for some hot action and steamy sex. - Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

“…Adie’s ease with men is matched only by her intuitive criminal detective skills, which helps to unravel the plot, along with a few bikini tops….the relative lack of explicit sex makes this an unusually subtle but arresting romance. Instead of blow-by-blow depictions of who put what where, DEAD DELICIOUS prefers an implied approach, which is refreshing and engaging for the reader… Adie’s strong sense of self-worth, coupled with her playful personality, are the principal draws of the book… For readers in the mood for lots of glistening biceps…and the ever-present threat of death, this book will suit admirably.” - IndieReader

“Since I couldn’t go on vacation this book was the next best thing! A great read…best of series so far!” - Marilyn Z, Waterloo, Ont.