DANGER…REVENGE…MURDER! Adie Sturm’s relaxing Cozumel vacation is a fail when a killer strikes. Adie is the prime suspect. She starts an intense investigation and uncovers seedy criminal goings-on and then another murder. Her martial arts skills are tested when thugs come after her and her friends. Adie fights back on this steamy Cozumel ride that could be her last. No one does it better than Adie Sturm when it comes to hot men and danger.


Romance and murder collide in Dead Dangerous.

A beach can be sinister as night falls.

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Dead Dangerous: Congratulations on your 5-star review!

Dead Dangerous is the sixth novel in the Adie Sturm Mystery series by Anastasia Amor. Adie was looking forward to some fun in the sun and some relaxation in beautiful Cozumel, but it seems like fate has other ideas. When Wolf sends a text telling her to be cautious, she knows her vacation is going to be spoiled. But things escalate and someone dies. However, the real cause for concern is her being a suspect in the murder. What was supposed to be fun-filled days in the sun turns out to be a search for the killer and clearing her name. With people after her, she needs to keep herself safe and make sure nothing happens to her friends as well. Can Adie protect everyone and still find out what happened in Cozumel?

I have a thing for strong, deadly, and sarcastic female leads and Adie Sturm is the incarnation of all of these qualities. The descriptions and imagery were incredibly rich. I could easily picture what was happening in my head and loved every second of it. There was action, suspense, a little bit of mystery, and a bucket full of sass. I loved Adie’s way of speaking; her dialogues were fun and very entertaining. Her whole character is wonderful. She breathed life into the story while also making sure the reader was in the moment with her at all times. The flow was breathtakingly fast yet it suited the overall feel of the story. I enjoyed how Carmelita was the voice of reason in the beginning and how instinctual Adie was. The tension between Adie and Wolf was also something that I looked forward to and I think author Anastasia Amor handled it incredibly well. Dead Dangerous is a stellar novel that I would highly recommend. - Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite