Smart, sexy tour guide Adie Sturm packs a hard kick. With her best friend ‘suspect numero uno’ Adie takes on hired killers as she tracks a double murder to Cozumel. SEDUCTION… GREED… MURDER…in steamy-Cozumel. The dots connect straight to billionaire Diego Alvarez. When Adie becomes the killer’s target she enlists Wolf Du Lac, a man like chocolate—creamy-rich and sinfully delicious. His expertise on the computer and in the bedroom is one thing, but she follows her own instincts when it comes to devastatingly handsome Diego. What she’s not prepared for is the intricate web of seduction he spins for her. Adie Sturm is brutally tested as she uncovers the truth. The Caymans, Mayan ruins and devious deals. Delicious men want a piece of this chocoholic. Adie Sturm, a martial artist with moxy fights for her life. Will she find love or will the killer find her first?

You never know what you’ll find in the jungle.

Amor’s karate training make Adie’s fights real.

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“If you like your reading vacations to include hot sexy men along with some thrilling suspense this is a book you should check out. Hold on to your hat and keep looking over your shoulder. You won’t guess who the killer is until it’s too late.” - nightowlromance

5 Stars!!!
“Adie is all set for a much-needed vacation in Cozumel, but two murders and a best friend, Marg, who is a prime suspect, take relaxation out of the picture. In A Corpse for Cozumel, an Adie Sturm Mystery by Anastasia Amor, intrigue, mystery and murder follow Adie to the beautiful Mexican resort area where she has to find the killer or become a victim herself. With several attempts on her own life, Adie goes into hiding with a handsome former love interest she has trouble resisting. To get information about shady money deals that may have led to the two murders, she plays with fire with another wealthy, sexy man who wants more from Adie than she is ready to give. In the meantime, Adie shares clues and receives updates from a reporter and a police detective back in her home town near Toronto … only to discover that Marg may have more to do with the crimes than anyone suspected. Will the pieces fit together in time to save her own life or will the killer succeed in eliminating the threat that Adie poses?

Detailed local color and flavor combine with intense mystery and intrigue as well as steamy romance in A Corpse for Cozumel, an Adie Sturm Mystery by Anastasia Amor. Excellent descriptions, well-developed characters, and great action keep you right in the story, turning page after page to see what happens next. Sexual tension is high as Adie yearns to experience love but actual intimacy is limited. Adie Sturm is a wonderful character to help you enjoy another world from the comfort of your own home or beach chair. Gripping story, hot characters, realistic dialogue and fantastic action!” - Melinda Hills /Readers’ Favorite

“Our heroine, Adie Sturm, accidentally finds herself in the middle of a double murder mystery. After her best friend, Marg Beige, becomes the prime suspect, Adie is determined to prove her friend’s innocence at any cost. The clues and Marg lead Adie to Cozumel, Mexico where she just happens to be headed for a “working” vacation.

While in Cozumel, Adie runs into Wolf Du Lac, a romantic blast from the past. Wolf has a knack for arriving in the knick of time to save Adie. Not to mention a knack for turning up the heat. Wolf volunteers to help Adie and Marg solve this mystery, but is he really just trying to get in Adie’s bed?

Of course, no foreign adventure could be complete without a sexy, potentially villainous, exotic heartthrob. Santiago “Diego” Alvarez is the reason Marg came to Cozumel and may be behind the attacks on Adie and Marg. When they first meet, Diego has no idea that Adie is connected to Marg. All he knows is that he’s instantly smitten with her. Can Adie use this attraction to determine if he is behind all of Marg’s troubles?

If you like a good whodunit that keeps you guessing, grab a glass of wine and put on your detective’s hat, because Anastasia Amor’s A Corpse for Cozumel is the book for you. “ - Yolanda Twolipsreviews

4 Stars! “… I had no idea who the murderer was until the end of the story and in my opinion that is a good suspense. Ms. Amor surprised me with her expanse of detail of the locations and the plot, creating a vivid world for all who read her work. - Contessica Enchantingreviews

“Loved A Corpse For Cozumel, very much! I am looking forward to reading the others. It reminded me of Janet Evanovich’s books – only steamier! Daniella reminded me of Janet’s Lula, definitely a larger-than-life character with a similar taste in tight, suggestive clothing. I enjoyed the mystery throughout, which kept me riveted to see who the possible murderer was. I also really loved the humour!” - S. Harwood, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 

“I just finished A Corpse for Cozumel and it was wonderful. Although MY visit to Cozumel wasn’t quite this exciting, I was carried into the story by your main character. Isn’t it funny that she looks just like you in my mind? Anyway, I am so pleased we got to meet and I think you have a great way of weaving your tale. Thanks for this opportunity.” - Jean M. Michigan, USA

“A wonderful blend of mystery, romance, and a little humor, Anastasia Amor’s A Corpse for Cozumel is a highly entertaining read. I often had a huge grin plastered across my face as I read how Ms. Adie Sturm dealt with delicious men and dangerous situations. Particularly, I found Ms. Amor’s characters to be charming and real. She seems to have captured the personalities of people I would be proud to call friends. Adie Sturm is certainly a lovely woman of fearless passion, but she’s still real enough to deal with unfortunate hair disasters caused by helmets and humidity. Then there’s beautiful Cozumel. Ms. Amor has captured the sights and sounds of this vacation destination in vivid detail. I was often reminded of places I’ve visited in Mexico and the Caribbean. Let’s not forget the romance. Adie Sturm experiences it all; chance meetings, romantic dinners, a candle lit rendezvous in a secret garden, and a perfect beach picnic. And all is provided by not one, but two steaming hot men that I would personally have a hard time choosing between. All is topped off with a cherry of a twist to the who done it. I excitedly await the next adventure of the sultry Ms. Adie Sturm.” - Jantelle Rosaria, author, Love and Lust, Lulu Publishing Florida, USA