Dead Dirty: Adie Sturm Mystery #5

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite
Dead Dirty is the fifth book in the Adie Sturm Mystery series by
Anastasia Amor, a splendid meld of mystery, murder, and sleuth. It
starts with the body of a beautiful girl from a cruise ship washed
ashore in Cozumel. The brother, a member of Adie Sturm’s tour
group, doesn’t look as surprised as he should be. A friend’s
overdose and a suspicious incident push Adie to start asking
questions. She has barely started with the investigation when
deadly and shadowy characters begin to track her movements. Who
wants to stop her so desperately and why, and can she get to the
bottom of the mystery before someone kills her?
The narrative begins on a note of suspense as a character left for
dead contemplates sweet revenge and imagines what it is going to
feel like. The reader wants to know who this character is and who
his enemies are. I enjoyed the stream of consciousness, the
foreshadowing that readers experience before the action, and the
author uses this style to explore the mindset of the characters and
their emotions. Adie is a complex character, a martial arts fighter, a
woman whose romantic life is a mess with interest shown from her
ex and another man. The relationships between the characters are
so well defined to allow the emotional side of the story to develop.
Dead Dirty is cunningly plotted and written with the deftness of a
master’s hand.
READER REVIEW: “This latest adventure with beautiful Adie Sturm is guaranteed not to disappoint you. Adie’s quick wit and martial arts skills saves her from becoming another victim of a psychotic killer. I highly recommend this book to all enthusiasts of action-romance novels. You won’t be able to put the book down.  I really loved this last book so much. Adie’s adventures keep getting better and better and beautifully written .” Carol D, Ottawa, Canada


A beautiful girl from a cruise ship is washed up on shore. It’s the sister of one of Adie Sturm’s tour group members. Whether the police want her involvement or not, Adie has to investigate when a close friend suspiciously overdoses.Shady characters track her movements in caverns and on Mayan ruins in order to enable a master plan carefully conceived by a psychotic criminal. With delicious men like chocolate distracting her, will martial artist Adie Sturm find the man of her dreams or will she be the next victim?


Chapter 1

A human barbeque. Blood, charred flesh, brain matter, guts, bone fragments. Unrecognizable human remains.


Sweet painful revenge!

A low chuckle escaped his throat. He was practically giddy with anticipation. He was an eagle soaring high into a clear blue sky feeling the same exhilarated abandon he felt snorting a line of the white powder. Pure euphoria.

It was time to begin.

Rubbing his hands together, his eyes sparkled darkly like coals roasting in an open fire. Then his lips curled upwards in sheer delight.

They had left him for dead and now he was back. No one would escape. He had the power to crush them, grind them down with his heel until they begged for mercy, but there would be none. They would all pay when his dirty deal was delivered.


A week earlier…

An unzipped navy wetsuit opened to a broad hairy chest, Amancio Bolivar Alvarez, also known as Cy, looked like a wild man from the jungle. His hair was in disarray, caked with sand, a bushy beard hiding a perfect face. He stared intensely at a distant catamaran sailing into shore. He was a scuba master and had been my instructor for several dives on the Palancar Reef off of Cozumel, but he was more than that. There was a bond. If it wasn’t for him, I would have died. We were in Isla Mujeres to let our bodies heal.

My nudge shifted his gaze to me. I indicated the text on my iPhone. He read it and lifted an eyebrow. “What?” he asked somewhat resentfully as if I had awakened him rather rudely from a deep sleep.

“I’m worried.”

Cy nodded. “Yup, and so you should be.