“There are a few authors out there that go into great detail and spend plenty of hours researching and doing their homework. Anastasia Amor is one of those. She has traveled to Mexico, Cuba, and Spain to get her facts correct. Her writing is entertaining but factual. So I guess that is as deep as you can get. She is a Canadian writer with a great sense of humor, that allows you to meld into the storyline with no problem at all and feel the character emotions almost first hand.”

Dave Maynard
Ohio, USA 

“A wonderful blend of mystery, romance, and a little humor, Anastasia Amor’s A Corpse for Cozumel is a highly entertaining read. I often had a huge grin plastered across my face as I read how Ms. Adie Sturm dealt with delicious men and dangerous situations.

Particularly, I found Ms. Amor’s characters to be charming and real. She seems to have captured the personalities of people I would be proud to call friends. Adie Sturm is certainly a lovely woman of fearless passion, but she’s still real enough to deal with unfortunate hair disasters caused by helmets and humidity.

Then there’s beautiful Cozumel. Ms. Amor has captured the sights and sounds of this vacation destination in vivid detail. I was often reminded of places I’ve visited in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Let’s not forget the romance. Adie Sturm experiences it all; chance meetings, romantic dinners, a candle lit rendezvous in a secret garden, and a perfect beach picnic. And all is provided by not one, but two steaming hot men that I would personally have a hard time choosing between.

All is topped off with a cherry of a twist to the who done it.

I excitedly await the next adventure of the sultry Ms. Adie Sturm.”

– Jantelle Rosaria, author, Love and Lust, Lulu Publishing
Florida, USA 

“I just finished A Corpse for Cozumel and it was wonderful. Although MY visit to Cozumel wasn’t quite this exciting, I was carried into the story by your main character. Isn’t it funny that she looks just like you in my mind? Anyway, I am so pleased we got to meet and I think you have a great way of weaving your tale. Thanks for this opportunity.”

Jean M.
Michigan, USA 

“Action, adventure, a sexy intelligent heroine – Adie Sturm.
It grabbed my attention from the start
had good character development
good descriptive writing of scenery, the people and the action
a good plot with some twists
and a good link into a next book
like so many novelists they build a character in first
and can develop it even more as she can move into a second and third……..
Yes the adventures of Adie Sturm, once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down.
I am an avid reader, weekly trip to library, Some of my favorite authors: Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, along with Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor and many others and now I have a new FAVORITE – Anastasia Amor”

Joe Radgowski
Ohio, USA 

“Loved A Corpse For Cozumel, very much! I am looking forward to reading the others. It reminded me of Janet Evanovich’s books – only steamier! Daniella reminded me of Janet’s Lula, definitely a larger-than-life character with a similar taste in tight, suggestive clothing. I enjoyed the mystery throughout, which kept me riveted to see who the possible murderer was. I also really loved the humour!”

S. Harwood, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 

“Kudos to Anastasia Amor for another hit! Days of the Dead, her second book, is another enjoyable read! With super-sexy men, an exotic location and the story’s beginning, at an Octoberfest Hall in our hometown, made this Adie Sturm mystery very exciting and fun to read. It was hard to put down – my favourite kind of book! I can hardly wait to read Adie’s next adventures. Anastasia has definitely succeeded with these literary endeavours – keep it up!”

S. Harwood, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 

“I am thoroughly enjoying The Adie Sturm series. She is a smart, intelligent Lady but what makes her special is that she is very human, prone to the same frailties as the rest of us. These are books that are very hard to put down because we want to know what is going to happen next. Keep the good work Anastasia.”

Gary Lord, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

“I loved reading your book ‘The Curse of the Carnaval”. You know how to make the characters come to life! Adie Sturm brings out the imagination in all of us … living a life of luxury, danger, romance, and adventure! The reader moves in rhythm with Adie Sturm, sharing her feelings whether that feeling is joy, sadness or just plain whimsical and romantic…after all she is a chocoholic! I love to end my evenings by reading about Adie. What a great way to enter into dreamland. Thank you for bringing Adie Sturm to life. I hope that her adventures continue. With much warmth,”

Carol Dubue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

“HOLY NIGHT! Girl that book rocked…and hot and steamy? Hello! lol…thanks for the great book and well it only took me a day to read it…hehehe couldn’t put it down. Here’s to Exploring Irresistible! Great book girl!”

Tracy Burkhardt, Ukima, Washington, USA