“There are  few authors out there that go into great detail and spend plenty of hours researching and doing their homework. Anastasia Amor is one of those. She has traveled to Mexico, Cuba, and Spain to get her facts correct. Her writing is entertaining but factual. So I guess that is as deep as you can get. She is a Canadian writer with a great sense of humor, that allows you to meld into the storyline with no problem at all and feel the character emotions almost first hand.”
 —Dave Maynard     Ohio, USA 

“Amor has indeed travelled to Mexico many times over the past decade, and on each trip has stockpiled information about local history, customs and mythology to be revisited in her works of fiction…The martial arts scenes are based on Amor’s real live training.”Colin Hunter,  The Record


A CORPSE FOR COZUMEL:Adie Sturm Mystery#1

“5 STARS…Gripping story, hot characters, realistic dialogue and fantastic action!”ReadersFavorite.com

“Action, adventure, a sexy intelligent heroine. It grabbed my attention from the start… good character development, descriptive writing of scenery…once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down! “ Joe Radgowski,Ohio, USA 

DAYS OF THE DEAD Adie Sturm Mystery #2goodreads-badge-read-reviews-2091036a1480ef4dec9cf59676584050

“…pure escapism…”ChrisChatReviews

THE CURSE OF THE CARNAVAL:Adie Sturm Mystery #3  Live the Carnaval and murder through Adie’s eyes.


“Adie’s back and it’s hotter than ever, way hotter. And far more dangerous…”ChrisChatReviews

DEAD DELICIOUS:  Adie Sturm Mystery#4


“5 Stars! A fun read! Twists and turns, beautiful heroine, gorgeous scenery, handsome men, action that’s well thought out! … the humor here had me laugh out loud, something I rarely do when reading!”BHB, Ottawa

“…an exciting story filled with great descriptions of the exotic locale Cozumel and the lifestyle of the area’s rich and famous…the mystery does not stop until the very last page… hot action and steamy sex.” —ReadersFavorite.com

DEAD DIRTY: Adie Sturm Mystery #5 

“A splendid meld of mystery, murder, and sleuth.” 5 Stars

Adie is a complex character, a martial arts fighter, a
woman whose romantic life is a mess with interest shown from her
ex and another man. The relationships between the characters are
so well defined to allow the emotional side of the story to develop.
Dead Dirty is cunningly plotted and written with the deftness of a
master’s hand.” Readers’ Favorite


Exploring Irresistible is as decadent as fine dark chocolate and tropical drinks. Amor’s vivid descriptions put me right there. What I love best is that I can come back and enjoy this story over and over again….Irresistible in every way!” —Michelle Stinson Ross, S Florida


HAVANA HEAT: Sommerville Suspense #1  paranormal, fantasy “Havana Heat is a sensory experience. It’s a sultry pleasure trip that rouses all the senses and won’t let go…transports you utterly into magical realms and otherworldly adventures…many threads woven into the plot …highly original and captivating…Your heartstrings will be pulled quite ruthlessly and in some poignant parts… Fast paced and drop dead sexy...the romance is something you won’t soon forget. “ Natalie G. Owens, author of “An Eternity of Roses”.

 BOURBON STREET BURN: Sommerville Suspense #2 paranormal, fantasy  5 Stars!“…A great read with excitement, intrigue, action and lust galore” Readers Favorite

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From the cold of Canada to sizzling Cozumel, fearless Adie Sturm mingles with murder and men like chocolate. Quirky humor will tickle your funny bone. Complete audio on Arts podcast: shanebhbchats.

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Adie Sturm is caught up in a web of intrigue and murder.The Caymans, Mayan ruins and sinfully-delicious men. Someone wants Adie dead. Will she find love or will the killer find her first?

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Death arrives early for Adie Sturm’s tour to Cozumel. Adie has her hands full when jungle ruins and stolen art connect to an elusive killer. Two men more delicious than chocolate wait for her … if she survives.

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Carnaval – pirates, sheikhs and harem girls. A killer behind a mask. Adie Sturm becomes the prime murder suspect. Two sexy men, rivals for her love, battle to win her but only she can save herself.
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